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The Author

Allison O’Conner graduated university with a degree in the social sciences where she studied psychology, philosophy, family dynamics, and English. Her fiction is drawn from case studies, which were amalgamated and dramatized to produce her book.


Although the tale depicts an extreme example of the dysfunction of a manic-depressive woman and the effects it has on the family and the focus of one child in particular, those who suffer from psychological problems will recognize and empathize with some of the characters. Those who are not so afflicted may come to a better understanding of the problems faced by those who suffer such misfortune.


Although all characters and places are fictitious, some readers may see similarities to their own lives. Because the story is written in the mid-1940s and ’50s, the Social Services were not in place and the family was left unprotected and vulnerable. It is hoped that such madness would not be left unchecked today.